The Vault

About a month ago Zim asked me if I wanted to show some photos in a little art show he was putting on at a local venue.
I did the usual thing, and said No.
Last week, the following flyer showed up in my in box……

It would seem that Zim does not take no, for an answer……
So, we quickly got some full resolution files on a USB stick, headed down to Wal Mart, got them printed, grabbed some frames and got busy getting 5 photos together…. I was not really sure which 5 to pick, so just grabbed what I thought might show well.

There were a few no-shows, people that said they would show and did not (hey, a least I said no up front!), so I am glad that Zim chucked me in. Anyway, Zim got us all set up, I arrived after work Friday and hung around till sunset.
Here is what it looked like;

Saturday night we went back as requested. Zim had the idea to set up our lights and do a little photo shoot in the hope of either getting some business down the track or on the night…. Unfortunately no one took us up on the parting with money thing, so only a few shots were taken of random people (more photos in my photo album).

The main attraction (other than the art show) were the local Temecula bands that were playing, thats the usual thing that The Vault is known for. I went in and took a few snaps just for the fun of it……

Anyway, its all one for experience, not your usual art show I suspect, but still good enough fun.