No, I did not!

So if your a regular reader (poor you), you would have heard me mention ‘Craigslist’.
Its the USA equivalent of the Trading Post, except, being American, it gets a little weird around the edges….
Dont get me wrong, I read it online pretty often, looking for rare bargains. I bought my Rangie out of it, we have pretty much furnished our home out of it, I have sold a few things through it…. its just that…. well, take a look at this job and you will see what I mean….

(Click the picture to isolate it, then again to make it bigger if you have trouble reading it).

Yeah, so I live in the ‘Inland Empire’, so its a job in my area….. But still, no, I did not apply…..

Baffles me, this country, it baffles me……