365 posts.

Sorry for breaking the Facebook link. It should be back working now.
(It used to try and open Facebook ‘inside’ my site, they dont like that, so it broke. I now open a new tab or window on your computer when you click on the link and thus open it on its own. Seems to work fine here).

I am not entirely happy with Facebook as the host for my 365 Project, but I have a lot of people asking to put the photos on there as they are on there…… Far more than those that know about my site…. I am also not sure about trying to drive a lot of traffic to my site… I kind of like that its a small and personal website… If people want to know more about who I am, they can Google me and take the effort to find this site and go from there… But a lot just want to look at photo a day and not care about who I am. Facebook is perfect for this.
I really dont want to post to two sites, Facebook and my photo album here….. Im already unhappy that it takes so long to load either of those two pages for my Dad. Im trying to think of a way to have a really cut down super fast site for the project, but am coming up blank at the moment.

Anyway, really long winded way of saying its day 12, I am working on some other personal project at the moment that I am really excited about… It ‘launches’ in about a week and three quarters, so after that I will turn my attention to the photo posting question.
Till then, suffer the drunk frat boys crummy coding of a hopeless website that is Facebook and let me know if you have any thoughts on the matter!

Bens 365 Project.