Yeah, well, the fact that you reading this means that you are most likely sitting down. Thats a good thing for what I have to say.
I will cut right to the chase.

Im posting this from my new old Mac computer.

Yeah. I bought a Mac.

No, not a laptop, a desktop, a tower. Its a dual dual core…. yes, its a twin CPU, each with dual cores.
16Gb of Ram and, well, it goes pretty good.

Dan, I had to move the wireless router from the top of the fridge to my computer desk, the MAC only has wired network interface.
Im so glad that you helped me get that going,its been really helpful.

I have only just turned it on, this post is pretty much the first thing I have done.
Looking forward to getting my photography software loaded up and seeing what she can do….

Shes a few years old, but in good nick, so I reckon shes guna do me for a few years just fine..

Gary, thats enough out of you, remember, I always said, I will use the best tool for the job, what ever it is…. Even a MAC.