19 and 32

So, as most of you know, a few months back we had our first baby… It was a girl…… Here we are and shes 19 already!
Its just not possible.
I did not even work at the hospital where she was born when she was born! (The one over the road, sure, but not the same one at that stage).
Anyway, here is one of my favorite photos of her;

Of course, if its Amys birthday, then it must also mean that its Freddys birthday….
Its still amazing to think they they were born on the same day, within about half an hour of the same time even….
So here is a shot of my young bride;

Yeah, getting in the way back machine I know, but its good fun!

SO, to the two women in my life, well done on another trip around the sun.
Its been a crazy few years these last 4, but we are all growing and so its going to be a hoot to see what the next year holds for you two….