Really Apple?

I was already ticked off and annoyed with Apple for updating their iPad range after only about 6-7 months…. Amy had saved for about 5-6 months to get one and I helped out with a few hundred dollars as a bit of a gift (and so I did not have to repair her laptop which eats power connectors monthly)…. so just 3 weeks after she buys it, yep, they announced the new one.
Major ticked off. Its a big big purchase for her, and we don’t just churn tablets like a lot of others, we hang on to our hardware, for years and years and years and years.
So thanks for nothing Apple!

As you may remember, I bought an Apple desktop computer some time back in the hope that it would handle my photography tasks a little quicker/smoother.
For the most part, its working out.
Even before I bought it, I knew that one day, soonish, I would be upgrading the hard drive to a solid state one… that day sort of came today….

I’m still saving for the real SSD that I plan to put in there, but I thought I would test out the install process on a smaller slower SSD drive that I have.
So, off to the Apple store the Rangie and I go after work tonight.
Now, to be fair, I did look on the web site first to make sure they sell CD’s of the Operating System. Yep, 20 bucks, check your local store said the web site….
Looking around in the store reveled nothing. Nada, no disks in sight.
So, I ask one of the sales guys…. “You cant buy the OS” he tells me.
“waaa?” goes I.
“No, we used to sell them about 3 versions ago, its all an over the net upgrade now days”.
“Hang on, I will see if there is a USB stick out the back with something on it”……
He comes back empty handed.
Me. “So, how do people put it on a new hard drive”.
Him. “Oh, its a real hassle, people just have to bring their computers in and we do it here for them. We use another hard drive to copy it over”.
“Ahhh, Ok, thanks, see ya”.

Thanks for nothing Apple.

As we speak, I am loading Windows 7 64bit on my Mac. (Hope you spat your port across the room Gary!).

Again, thanks for nothing Apple.