Dad and I first saw the Andromeda galaxy from the roof of our house in The Gap. (Hint, its a suburb of Brisbane).
We extended the house by building a living room out the back of the house, the roof was flat (by design) and we built an access ladder.
I often hauled a bean bag up there and just sat to look at the stars. One of my best memories of that house is the time when the government was having an industrial dispute with the electrical trade union. The union, in its usual bully way, said that if they did not get paid more, they would shut the power off. The government said fine.
So they did.
The newspapers printed up a time table of what suburbs would be blacked out and for how long. When ever The Gap was going to be blacked out, I made sure I was on the roof.
Epic stars for a week or so was the result I was most excited about.

But I digress, It took us a while, but we tracked it down and saw the big fuzzy blob through our department store telescope.
It was one of those moments.

Each year (or there abouts) when Andromeda is visible from Australia, we tried to check it out…..
Its that time of year.

As such, Dad asked me to post a photo of what it looks like for me…..

So, Dad, here is your photo.

This is using my Canon with a 300mm lens. Its 120 second, f5.6 at 1600ISO. (No tracking).
120sec at f5.6. 300mm. 1600iso

Here is a shot with my 24mm lens. 60sec f5.0 at 1600ISO;
60sec at f5. 24mm. 1600iso

You can see the blur on the trees from the wind that was happening at the time.

You can just see it with the naked eye if you drive out of Temecula.

So. There you have it.