Hes not mine!

Terry posted this on his Facebook page the other night…..

He was all excited about it… I have no idea what its about (well, I get the sin thing at the very bottom, but the rest of it…….).

For the longest time, we have been exposing Terry to all sorts of skills sets and challenges to try and find whats ‘his thing’. The thing that lights his fire, gets him all excited, the thing that he would be happy to do every (5 days a week at least) day for the rest of his life….. All to no avail…..
Robots, RC planes and choppers, music, drawing, coding, bikes, cars electronics, soldering all sorts of activities, Parkour to name just one. He can do them all, but was not all that excited about any of them.
Terry admits that while he enjoys computer games, he knows that he can not earn a living doing them.

One day, a few months back, he turns to me and says ‘I think math is it’.
Good job I was sitting down at the time!
No wonder I could never offer an activity that would excite him!!!!!

No way that hes my offspring……. Math… what would I know about math!