Hard to imagine.

Thanks to my Dad for pointing this one out….

There was a fire (bush/grass) down Ryans Road Yendon a few days back.

Read (and click through for more photos) about it on The Courier web site here.

In case you don’t know, Freddy and I (and the first few years of both kids life) used to live in a house on Ryans Road…. It was our first house we bought.
For the longest time we lived on solar and wind and a few old car batteries.

Did a lot of work to that house, it was pretty run down when brought it.
The family still talks about it from time to time, we all really liked the house and we all miss it a great deal.

Thankfully (and thanks to the CFA) no property was lost or badly damaged.

News from home, just never figured it would be that close to home…..