Math take two.

Both Dad and Matt commented on the math of how far we could drive the Rangie on 4 grand of petrol.
In the original calc’s, I also factored in a car getting 35mpg (vs the Rangie’s 14). Clearly it went a lot lot further and thus, at X miles a year, the new car was way out there in how long it would take to use $4k of gas (in the order of around 14.5 years).
I take Matts point, the new car would also be both saving and costing us gas money, what money, over the Rangies 4k costings would the new car be saving us?
Cant quite wrap my head cold infected brain around how to run the numbers on something that is both costing us and saving us money.
I was more concerned about the change over costs of the car. (You get slugged around 10% of the cost of the used car in tax, so its expensive to change cars here).

I guess the bottom line is that I was surprised at what a difference there is in the running costs of the Rangie just by doing a lot less miles in it.
Also the fact that the 4k of petrol will ‘run out’ at almost the exact same time as Terry should (better!) be done with collage is what made us sit back and think, ‘You know what, lets just keep it’…. This dove tailing in Dads comments about how we have spent the time and money sorting it to the point where we know its reliable and will last the distance.

So, thanks for the sanity check guys, it sparked some more conversation between Freddy and I and thus was exactly what we were after!