New groov video

Pretty excited about this one for a few reasons.
1. I ‘cheated’ and used a teleprompter. For the others, I had to memorize the script, those that know me know that my memory know that….. sorry, what was I saying?

2. The lighting. Jeff really nailed it. I mean look at it, its just beautiful… ….No, not me, the lighting. Check out that white and the dynamic range (the number of steps from white to black). Cool. (Just nod your head and let me geek out).

3. The audio. Jeff worked a whole bunch of insanity listing to me fixing the audio. We only had one mike, when I turned to the computer, my voice dropped off. Way off. Its not perfect, and oddly enough we like that since it adds some ‘direction’ to the voice, but its way better than it was.

Anyway, we are pretty proud of this one.

Till next time.
Cheese Might.