Noise hurts.

On the back of the last introvert post, there is this;

If we close the bedroom window, it keeps the noise of the freeway and sirens out, but it gets really stuffy. (Even with the celing fan on).
Freddy and I have talked about it and we would rather the noise than the gulping goldfish syndrome.

But things like church. Its supposed to be a calm place, and for the most part it is. Until its over, and then the noise of a few hundred people talking, just fellowshipping, hurts my head. Not just hurts my ears, but further in.
The sound of the people talking happily hurts. And not just hurt, as in pain, but it can cause me to feel anxious. Like almost a panic. But only sometimes.
And not just if I am drained from the week, sometimes I can be totally exhausted from the week, and its no problem to sit and talk, other times, I just have to get out and away from the noise.

It baffles Freddy because I can’t take people talking, but now and then, there is nothing that sooths me like a nice loud rave in the garage. Yeah, get that Trance blaring and its just so calming. What?

I can’t find the link yet.

Like I said, there is something going on or not going on. I don’t really know what I am saying or asking, or even if it is a question……
Just throwing this stuff out there for now.