Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin.
An amazing lady and an impressive movie about the woman.

Here is the link to the imdb website about the movie.

We watched it twice. Two nights in a row.
Brilliantly acted by Claire Danes (and rightly, she got a few awards for it), but more than that, I think they handled Temples story really well.
Always hard to to sum up someones entire life in 107 minutes, the writer and director did a fantastic job of keeping things moving while telling the story of her personality, not just what she did.

Sue, not sure if you have a DVD player, if not, you know you can watch TV and movies on your iPad right? Not sure if you can rent or buy this movie from iTunes, but take a look, I think you would really enjoy the movie.

It could be rather hard to find outside of the States since it was not released at the theaters, but it was made for TV.

Anyway, point is, its one of the few movies of late that I have seen that have really touched me and I found of substantial value.

See it if you can.