Thats just rude……

Yeah, Ok, we went to Australia for 3 weeks. (And had an amazing time).
Yeah, we got slammed as soon as we got home.

But that does not mean you have to be rude that I have not updated this blog!

Some of you will know (and now all of you know), that I have an LED sign in my garage.
You can see it and access it here;

Its fun to come downstairs to breakfast and see what new nightly insults have been hurled my way over night from those on the other side of the planet.
Yesterday, however, this was scrolling across the sign;


While I have no proof as to who is egging me on to ‘blog blog blog’ (I have thought about trying to capture IP addresses, but thats as far as I have gone, thinking about it), I have a fair idea given the language of the bit that has just scrolled off the sign to the left…….

Its my blog, and I will blog when I feel like it, not before, and not because you are needy!

(Yes, I’m grumpy!).