Road Trip!

We are up in Idaho visiting Amy and Trevor at the moment.
Have not had a lot of time to do much blogging while on the road, but have been posting to my Instagram account.
You can view the pictures without making an account, so just check it out any time if you want to see what we are up to.

The last part of the trip was super scary… Driving snow and windy mountain roads with semitrailers.
Oddly enough, did not get any photos of that!
Terry and I split the driving for the most part. The only real downer of doing it in one hit was that we managed about a 2:1 ratio of dark hours vs light hours, so we really did not see much.
All that said, it was good to get up here in one hit and after a day to recover from what is best described as jet lag, we are all having a great time.

Freddy and I tried to walk around to a little coffee shack to get some coffee, but the sidewalks (footpaths Billett, and that’s enough out of you!) were just too slippery and dangerous, so we gave up at the halfway mark and slipped our way back home. Least we did not fall and hurt ourselves.

Today, the boys have gone snowboarding, so Freddy, Amy and I are going sightseeing.
Yesterday was a little the same, Amy took me in her Smart Car to where the eagles hang out, and then after lunch Freddy and I drove back there and I got some shots of them.
Given how clueless I was with the camera shooting such amazing birds, I am very happy with the shots I got.

We plan on staying a few more days and then we are going to head back via a different route (and probably not in one hit).
We hope to stop at my Uncle and Aunts joint in San Francisco for a night or two if we can.

Right, time to head out and find the car under the block of ice that is parked in the drive……