Book Cover.

A husband of a co-worker has written a book and they asked me to take the cover photo for said book.
So we did.
And its been printed.

If you click on the book on the left, and scroll all the way down in that new window that opens, you can see the photo credit on the inside jacket.

Talk about commitment to your book… thats the side of their house!
Mary (my co-worker) spray painted all the stuff on the house. Its all references from the story.
We took a few photos, some in the day and some a night.
The night ones were the best, so we messed about with them the most.
We had his car shining its lights on the wall etc.
In the end we just used my LED torch. Opened the shutter for about 20 seconds and painted the light where we wanted it.
For the shot on the back cover with the gun, we got Dave (the author) to hold his gun up and Freddy shone our big spotlight on that while I painted the rest of the wall the way we wanted.
Its in black and white because the two torches had different color bulbs.

The best part? He paid me in red wine…… Just kidding, the best part was that it was a lot of fun and we helped out a friend with some photography.

Pretty cool

(And no, I have not read the book as yet. Freddy has).

He is almost done writing another (sort of a follow up) book and has asked me to take that cover photo as well….. Wonder if he will pay me in red wine again…