New desgin.

I have lost count what number rebuild this is….. Have learned a great deal along the way, so does it really matter?

Anyway, long story short, somethings are still a little broken, but the core is working.
Yes, Uranquinty weather is not working, yes, we know, its been about a year…. major issues with the weather station, but Matt and I are working on it.
Buninyong weather uploading has been a bit hit and miss, Tom is working on it, seems to be an ISP issue, so its a little out of all our hands on that one.
Temecula and Smythes Creek are ticking over most of the time. Im still running mine on XP, so take that with a grain of salt.

Ok, point is, the site should now work much much much better on tablets and smartphones.
(Actually, it should just now work, unlike the last version which was just broken on those devices).

So, excuse the dust, its a work in progress. Im still learning, and the rebuild should open some doors for cool stuff down the track.