Wearable tech

Ok Ok, I admit it, Im a gadget nut.
If its small and needs batteries, I’m interested.
There, I said it out loud. (Actually, I didn’t say it, I blogged it, so its not the first step at all!)

One of these blogs I will get around to talking about my Pebble Smart Watch. (Which I totally love and has removed (completely) my lust for a Rolex).

This blog, is not that blog.

This blog is about this amazing page I found (via Twitter) on the mind boggling range of wearable tech that is out there and that is coming….


(Not a fan of Pintrest, thankfully you can see the page without signing up).

I have backed a heart rate monitor/activity tracker / sleep analyzer wearable that will (hopefully) arrive in December on Kickstarter (my other non addiction).

Anyway, even if you’re not interested in any of this stuff, please take a look at just so that you can be blown away by the huge range of stuff that you can wear and get data from.
Like it or not, 2014 will be the start of the year of bodymetrics.