Smart TV?

All sorts of things (devices / appliances) are getting connected to the Internet. Stuff that, in my worthless opinion, does not need to be connected (or at the very least as connected).

Case in point is your TV.

Check this out;

I get it needs to be connected to stream data, movies and music, but does it have to be so much the other way? i.e. Sure, download, but why does it need to upload so much?
Did we as consumers really ask for a voice and gesture controlled TV?
Or is it a lot like wide screen computer monitors (you know, the super narrow ones you have to scroll up and down all the time to see the data – the ones that look like you are surfing the net while using Ned Kelly’s helmet), the manufactures decided that everyone was watching DVD’s on their computer and so needed wide screens so we could see the movie without the ‘dreaded’ letter-box effect?
Let me answer that question, by asking you this question… How often do you pick up a bit of paper and straight away turn it to the right – landscape?
Yeah. Pretty much never. Information goes from top to bottom……
To hammer the point home, when was the last time you watched a DVD on your computer?

Anyway, stuff is getting connected and its going to be a security nightmare for consumers because ‘features’ we did not ask for, do not want and don’t understand are being thrust upon us in a vain attempt to relieve us of our hard earned money!

Yes, Im annoyed.