Mike Oldfield

Even though there was no internet back when I was a teen ager, there were still ways to find out information….
Like the guy at the local record shop. In Darwin.
Told him about Jean Michel Jarre’s album Oxygene and said ‘what else is like that?’
His answer would keep me electronic musically satisfied for many many years.

Mike Oldfield.

The first album alone, Tubular Bells, is a lifetime of listening.
Started when I was around 13, turning 48 this year and last listened to it the week before we went to Australia.
35 years of listening. Not bad when you think about it.
I think that shows some of the depth of his skill and the depth of my passion for his music.
Its so complex, so dynamic (in both tempo and the range of volume the album moves over) and in one important way that would come to be a mainstay for me, taking time to develop musical themes.
Its something that both Jean and Mike have taught me, don’t rush music. Take the listener on a journey.
This is something that we will come back when we finally get to Trance, but for now, heres Tubular Bells.