276 wearables

Someone (Gary), made a snickety remark about me being a double dork for wearing a device on each wrist sometime in December…..

I think I am going to need to install a few more wrists to manage this one!


Whoa. Thats a lot of devices and data!
I guess I am just making my point, wearables are here, more wearables are coming, their data is questionable.
The tech world does not care, money is changing hands and that seems to be that for the moment.

Here is a really (scathing) solid article on how wearables at the moment are totally missing the point.


I have to really really agree.
Why track ‘useless’ inaccurate data on the young and healthy when there are real people out there that could really benefit from the data.

I think it largely stems from what that younger (wow, did I really just label myself and pigeonhole me into an grumpy old bloke?) generation thinks about itself.
They are so self absorbed and so disinterested in doing any actual ‘work’ that they take the easy way out and just look at the mirror muscles.

More will be said about this in time.

(Huh, whoda thunk that a blog about wearables would descend into a blog about the narcissistic views of the next generation of ‘engineers’).