Yet still more on these SBC’s…..
Like I said, they seem to be a solution looking for a problem….
Here (to me) is a perfect example;


Pi-Top provides a platform to expand your knowledge in hardware creation. The kit takes you through each of its components and their functionality, so that you can use Pi-Top as a tool for your own projects in the future.

Pi-Top focuses on teaching people how to create real hardware. Online and integrated lesson plans teach you how to understand electronics, create Printed Circuit Boards, and 3D print objects.

You can, for close to 300 bucks, build a woefully underpowered laptop using a Raspberry Pi.
Why? Because you can. No really, thats about the only reason I can think you would do this.
You are not really going to do any solid work on it. Its going to struggle to browse most (admittedly poorly designed and coded) websites, you are not going to compile much past freshman college level code on it….. The whole point of a laptop is portable computing power….


1) Injection molded case

2) 3D printer STL files compatible for most print bed sizes (5″ x 5″ bed size and up)

3) PCBs – Power Management, HDMI to LVDS Bridge and Keyboard & Trackpad Controller.

4) Electronics breadboard

5) Battery

6) Keyboard

7) Trackpad

8) 13.3”HD LCD Screen

9) Wifi adapter

9) Acrylic slice

10) Wiring

11) DC wall plug

12) Build instructions

13) Online & integrated lesson plans

Personally, I think for 300 bucks you would be better off buying a Chromebook and putting Linux on that, or buying a secondhand laptop.

I just don’t think this is the point of a ~40 buck single board computer.