Selfie sticks

If you read my Grand Canyon grand adventure, you would have seen me far too many times taking a picture of myself using a selfie stick.

[In my defence, I have been behind the camera for a lot of years and with this hike wanted some proof that I was there, not just my co-worker, so I borrowed a GoPro and the stick and I’m glad I did!].

There are sticks and there are sticks.
If you are in the market for one, its a quick read.

There are three basic kinds:

  • The sticks that are Bluetooth-enabled, which pair with your iPhone or Android phone and let you press a button on the handle to take a photo.
  • The sticks that plug into your smartphone’s headphone jack, which also let you take a photo with the press of a button on the handle.
  • Sticks that come without any remote triggering function; some of these are sold as a package deal with a keychain-sized Bluetooth remote.
  • I would recommend forgetting about the triggerless selfie sticks. They require the use of the camera app’s timer—what year is this, 2013?—or a separate remote trigger, which is easy to lose and cumbersome to operate while holding the stick itself.

    So get a stick that uses a headphone adaptor to plug into the smartphone, and get the app that ‘listens’ for the button press and fires the trigger.
    Quick, easy and reliable. Most of all, low power!

    Of course none of this applies if you are using a GoPro. They are still back in 2008 and you have to press many buttons many times, but hey, Im in the photo!