Smart weather

You guys know I love weather, and you know I love computers… so how could I not just be gushing over this announcement!​ibm-bets-big-weather-data-weather-company-acquisition/2015/11/02

In a nutshell, IBM have bought the weather company.
For two (2) billion (billion with a b) dollars….. Whoa.


IBM’s Weather Company acquisition hinges on its ability to create value by applying the company’s cognitive computing platform, Watson, to The Weather Company’s data to create predictive weather analytics solutions.

So yeah, because of artificial intelligence.
IBM now have a pretty solid data set to play with. Get weather forecasting right and you could make some serious money.

All jokes aside, this is a pretty cool acquisition and if done right, could really not only pay out big for IBM, but honestly do some good for the entire planet.
I for one welcome our weather prediction AI brain.