Vocal Trance.

Time to introduce some vocal trance.
For the most part, there is very little difference between trance and vocal trance, just the ‘simple’ addition of a singer.
As you will come to hear, the vocals are not always words… more on this in due course.

For now, lets take a look at a live performance from Dj Tiesto;

The reason I went for this is two fold.
First up it shows, or proves that a real person is behind the vocals.
Most of the vocal tracks I plan to share in the future will be studio tracks and so you won’t necessarily see the person (well, you will, but keep in mind its more of a video clip than the actual recording like this one) that is singing.

Secondly, I like the flow of this track.
The words to the track often are really important to me (as again, you will come to see), but this track, meh, I have no idea what hes saying, I just like the way it flows.