Light Paper

This company has figured out a way to ‘print’ paper that glows white when you put power into it.

How would you use light if it was paper-thin and could be applied to any surface anywhere? When Rohinni CMO Nick Smoot asked me that question, I was pretty stumped at first.

But he’s already figuring it out. That’s because Rohinni has developed a form of what it calls Lightpaper. It’s a way to print lighting and apply it to nearly any surface, in any shape, and for any situation.

“With Lightpaper it’s more of a platform of light that we don’t even know how it’s going to be used,” explains Smoot. “All we know is that we’re trying to unlock the ability to create light.”

Loved that they themselves have no idea what to do with it….
Sounds a lot like a solution looking for a problem….

Its a little light on details like how much voltage, how much power, or how much light is emitted. I would like some answers to that before I got too excited.
That said, I suspect they can do more than just white and so I could see in due course, if it was cheap, we could use some for mood lighting around the house.