Years (and I do mean years and year and years) ago, Dan and I looked at Splunk for logging network data from the hospital. (Or at least I think thats what we wanted to do with it).
It’s a data storage and visualization company.


It should come as no surprise then that such a company has made a pitch to the IoT crowd.

Splunk software is a scalable and versatile platform for machine data generated by all of the devices, control systems, sensors, SCADA, networks, applications and end users connected by today’s networks. Use Splunk to collect, index and harness the power of the machine data generated by connected devices deployed on your local network or around the world.

It’s much the same as ‘everyone’ else in this field is doing.
Collect the data and provide some visualization tools to enable end users to ‘see’ it.
It sounds like they rely on the humans to do most of the noise processing and information extraction at this point.
But that said, it sounds like they want to tweak things a bit, which is going to be needed.

Splunk Enterprise provides a platform for unique real-time insight into the operations and conditions of deployed devices and systems. Examples of what can be gained using Splunk software:

  • Measurement, Verification and Constant Commissioning: Ensure that devices in the field operate as intended.
  • Capacity Planning: Monitor data for risk of unplanned device or system downtime.
  • Root-Cause Analysis and Remote Troubleshooting: Better understand the cause of a particular failure on a particular device and improve efficiency.
  • Anomaly and Outlier Detection: Identify outliers that may be an early indicator of issues in device production or deployment.
  • Safety and Compliance: Gain visibility into system performance or set points that could put machines or people at risk; quickly develop and access reports for compliance purposes.
  • Cyber-Security: Improve security posture across industrial systems to mitigate emerging cyber security threats.
  • I can only guess that they are playing with some AI in the background and will be offering some more intelligence to their offerings some time soon.

    I’m still too green to know or understand exactly what analyzed and AI washed data would look like, or need to look like.
    At this stage, I am just happy that a company that has been around for yonks is still going strong and moving with the times.

    I wont be signing up any time soon, but good on them.