TV White Space

This has been one of my personal…. not sure what the word is…. interests I think is best.
I have been trying to follow it for years and years, but just have not had the time to give it the focus it needs.

Outdated analog TV frequencies should be used to create new space for “super Wi-Fi” that would boost the world’s economy and take the strain off overloaded mobile networks even though worries persist over how workable they are.

Scientists from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology [KIT] are calling for governments to hand over the unused frequencies so that a widespread free Wi-Fi network can be created.

When the TV stations moved from analog to digital, they did not just change transmission modes, they actually moved frequencies. (Digial is higher frequency than the old analog).
This means that there is a big chunk of empty space where the old tv stations used to be.
It’s not just any frequency either, remember the days of picking up a tv signal just about anywhere, in a moving car, inside a building.. those little B/W LCD battery tv sets… those dinky watches that picked up tv stations?
Well, the reason you could do that was largely due to how well those analog TV frequencies could penetrate and go around stuff.

Right now they are sitting empty. No one is using them. Yet.

People are pushing and shoving at the starting line with their pockets bulging with cash to get a chunk of the action…. To the tune of billions of dollars.
Yes, what frequency your IoT device transmits on makes that big of a difference.

This allocation of old disused spectrum will change the face of connected devices. Cheaper, lighter, faster and lower power. You can have all 4. At the same time.