Faster Faster

We finally have ourselves a nice fast router (read my last post), so its time to up the Internet speed.

Hit the Verizon website. (Have I mentioned how I don’t like talking to people on the phone?).
Huh, look at that, if I bundle TV with Internet, the price goes down a whole bunch….. yeah, until you click ‘checkout’, then, and only then, do they tell you that you have to pay around 15 bucks a month rental for the TV decoder, so the price goes up to the same as the Internet only price.
Seems to me that’s just dishonest. Bait and switch anyone?

On top of that, if you log into ‘My Verizon Account’ web portal, the Internet price is around 20 bucks a month more than the ‘New Customer’ price.
So yeah, Verizon wants to punish you for being a loyal customer…..

Thing is, I want that faster Internet sooooo bad….. I click the “Add to cart” button.
The website times out before the purchase can be completed.
Try again.
Same thing. Time out before purchase.

I pick up the phone and talk to the lady.
We make it super (but politely) clear that I do not want TV or phone, I just want to bump my Internet speed…. Oh, I also don’t want a new router (They want to charge monthly rental on theirs, and I already have a perfectly good one!).
She agrees and we progress. I tell her about the existing vs new customer pricing and she gives me a 10 buck a month discount for 12 months. That’s more like it…. Almost worth talking to a human on the phone (shudder).

I hang up the phone, an hour later, my Internet is flying.
2 hours latter, I get an email with the tracking number of the Verizon router I did not ask for (and a note to tell me that monthly billing on the router will start in 10 days).

The silver lining to all this?

Check out dem Internet speeds…….

speed test 1

speed test 2

speed test 3

speed test 4