Win10 Kangaroo

This is interesting…..

Kangaroo gives consumers the performance of a light-use desktop computer paired with the convenience and mobility of a cell phone. This new mobile form factor uses an Intel Cherrytrail™ (Z8500) SOC and has an on-board battery paired and a standalone Kangaroo Dock with port access for HDMI and USB. Users simply connect a Kangaroo Dock to existing screens and devices – from PC monitors and big screen TVs all the way to projectors and the iPad – for anytime, anywhere access to Windows 10, Microsoft Office and personal files.

So for something the size of a pack of cards, you can carry a light duty Windows10 PC.
The interesting bits for me are that it comes with a 4 hour battery built in. That you can connect to it over an iPad via USB (I’m thinking it’s something like VNC, but over USB) and the built in wireless radios.

I am not going to carry a screen and mouse and keyboard, but since an iPad is all that, and probably already in your bag, it is a smaller setup than a laptop, and that’s that power of it.
It is not very often I need a full laptop Win10 experience, so something like this might just be the ticket….. For 99 bucks, not a lot to lose…. Let me know how yours goes Gary….