Live Lightning

My Dad sent me an email today, said he could hear the thunder at around the same time the live lightning map updated……
Not that I did not believe him, but I wanted to check it out…..

lighting map

Sure enough, there it is….
Very cool. I just love the web and technology when it is used for super cool stuff like this.

I know it’s not a big deal to most people, but I really get a kick out of stuff like this… Think about it, I got a notice on my watch that my Dad sent me an email from the other side of the planet, the subject line was ‘Weather’, so I opened it, read it, hit my website, followed the live lightning link from my web page, went to the other site, zoomed in and bam.
To top it off, the fact that the lighting tracker is by guys like me, they bought the hardware themselves and upload it to the site because they want to be part of something bigger…. Very very very cool.