Movie Reviews

We plan to try and pick up and do a few movie reviews on here.
Matt (both of them, but mostly the Uranquinty version) and I really enjoy taking movies and often Skype about them, so I am going to throw the odd YouTube and mini review up here.

You are of course under zero obligation to watch said video trailer, or read the review and you are especially encouraged to disagree with both my rating and review.
All movies have been endlessly reviewed and discussed on the web, so I do not want to repeat any of that here…. No, what you are here for is for what Ben thinks…. and as you know, that is rarely sugar coated.

So, it will be out of 5.

  • 0 / 5 = I had to turn it off before we got done. (You have been warned)
  • 1 / 5 = I would rather have spent the time programming.
  • 2 / 5 = I almost put the computer down and watched it.
  • 3 / 5 = Ok, we have something here. This is a movie.
  • 4 / 5 = I was entertained. (And might watch it again or own this movie)
  • 5 / 5 = Top shelf. Love it. Quote it. Own it.
  • Fair warning. While we do watch most ‘summer blockbusters’, I prefer quirky and less mainstream movies…. Stuff that makes you think, stuff that takes you somewhere, teaches you something, or shows you a part of the world (or yourself) that you were not expecting.
    Please do not fall into the trap that just because I post about it here that you should watch it…. Use your judgement – it will be waaaaaay better than mine!