There is the usual drill when we are shopping and we see a movie in the DVD/Blu-Ray rack……
We text the kids and ask if we have it (I really should keep a list).
Usually we remember, so then the next text is ‘should we buy it?’
If yes, should we buy it on DVD or Blu-Ray?
Blu-Rays are still double the price compared to DVD over here, so its a fair question.

Anyway, all that happen the other day, it was all about the movie Thor…..
Somehow (poor marketing on their behalf is my comment) we missed it at the movies, so had no idea what it was like…. Rather than risk our money, we skipped buying it and stuck it on the Netflix’s que…. A few days latter it showed up…..

We stuck it in the player last night…. Yeah. Well.
So it starts slow, the middle is slow and the ending is pretty slow as well.
Effects? Yeah, had some, a little weird and ‘pretty’ so it was hard to take them seriously.
Story line? No, not so much. Boy meets girl. Girl falls for boy. Boy stands girl up. Thats it.

So, at the end of the movie, we are glad that we did not pay the money to see it in the movies, and we are very glad to have NOT paid the money to own it.

Leave a comment if you think other wise.
(As far as Marvel goes, it was better than Captain America).