Drone Racing

It’s getting a fair bit of traction over here.
I think partly because (for the most part) it is held inside buildings.
Why does this make a difference?
Because America is armed and sue happy. A bunch of drones have been shot out of the sky and a bunch of drone pilots have been attacked and or sued for flying where they are perfectly legal, but someone has felt their privacy was invaded*.
Since drone racing takes place indoors, it can be fenced off from the public and televised pretty cheaply.

Here is their teaser video.

Personally, I think it would get real old real quick. There is only so much fun to be had from watching someone pilot a little drone around the same course…. But I don’t do much sports, so I am not the target audience.

*On the flip side a kizlion drone pilots have done the wrong thing and flown in National Parks, above crowds and in other totally inappropriate and dangerous places. News flash. Some people have no common sense so the law exists for them, not to stop them, but to sue them after the fact.