You idiot

I don’t think Australians are losing their sense of humour, I think this guy crossed a line….

A flight headed to Perth, Australia from Melbourne was grounded for two hours on Saturday after a flier caused a scare by naming his personal Wi-Fi hotspot “mobile detonation device”.

You can of course name your wifi hotspot just about anything – blog coming up about just that – and it is nice when people get cute – I have some examples I intend to share – but seriously? Naming your wifi access point something like that while on a plane? That’s just dumb…..
On the other hand… Really? You can’t think for one moment that someone is having a joke? What sort of person that goes to the effort to build a device that might do some damage to a plane would a) use wifi and b) name it something so obvious??

Eh. I can not understand ‘people’ sometimes ever (and yes, I am a people).