Electric Extra

Just like cars, but more out of the public direct eye, electric planes are slowly becoming a thing.

Super stoked to see this pop up in my feed the other day;

All-electric plane sets new records: top speed of 340 km/h (211 mph) and first electric aerotow

Siemens has been pioneering battery-powered flight as part of its electric motor development program. They invented a new electric motor that they have installed an Extra 330LE prototype electric aerobatic plane.

Take a look at the article if you can, check out the short YouTube in the article and the video in the comments. I found them both worth my time since I am interested this sort of thing a great deal.

Terry and I still have it on our to-do list to head out to the local gliderport and he will take a ride in a regular glider, and I am down to ride in their electric glider. [Note to self, better on this this summer].

Anyway, I am super excited to see the tech improve year over year.
Nice that there are people just as invested in pushing the boundaries.