IoT hand dryer

Oh, gross, this is just messed up and wrong… When are they going to stop doing this sort of thing just because they can??

What am I ranting about this time?

Drying your hands after a bathroom break may never be the same again. A new smart product, the AdDryer from Savortex, promises to blast users with advertisements, as well as hot air, while simultaneously collecting data on the use of toilet facilities.

So it’s a hand dryer. It has a camera in the bottom. It can identify people, individual people, by the way you dry your hands, apparently no two people do it exactly the same.
So it learns who you are and when you use it. It then tailors ads to play on its video screen while you stand there for 10 seconds and dry your hands.

How revenue is shared will vary from client to client. Savortex works out an ‘audience value’, based on visitor demographics and other data, and a cost-per-view ad rate is formulated.

When you put it all together, Ahmed told Internet of Business that the AdDryer allows enterprises to “transform wasteful and costly commercial washrooms into connected, hygienic, and sustainable revenue-producing assets.”

Yuck. No thanks.