Smart Sunrise 2

Same direction as the last shot, but further back.
I am trying to get my head around how to take good drone shots (not just dronies).
I used to think that my goal was to somehow take the photo where it was obvious to the viewer that the photo came from something non-earthly… But I have been changing my stance on this.
This shot is an example. You cant see me, so it’s possible (to the viewer) that I have parked the car and walked back up the road to take the photo. Does that matter? Who cares if the viewer figures out if it is taken with a drone or not?
Regardless of if I am standing at a lookout photographing someone else’s car or not, the photo shows the landscape. At the end of the day, I enjoy taking landscape photos with the right camera for the shot. Land based or otherwise.

Borrego Springs to the mid-left, Salton Sea on the right edge – the silver bit that blends into the orange cloud.
The green blotch dead center is the main golf course.

My main gripe is with the camera. It is built into the drone and can not be changed. It just does not have the quality I need for most of the style of photo I want to take. That’s what my other drones are for, to carry the camera I end up buying to boost the quality of the image.