Matt B knows of my love for the Redbox… and I am sure I have mentioned it in the past…. (Just did a search, not so much on the mentions)….

So, its a phone box sized box that you rent movies and computer games from.
We like it for two reasons, firstly, they get the new release movies before they are on streaming.
Second, they are super easy to rent from. You can do it standing in front of the machine, something I have done a total of 1 time… or you can log into their website and reserve a movie at one of their locations.
Thirdly, you can get BlueRay disks.
Forth. I can’t count. (Just checking that you lot are actually reading this stuff).

Why does all this matter. Well, we like movies, we like to see some as soon as they are out (on disk). Also, while I have nice high speed internet, streaming is just not as clear and the sound is just not as good as a BlueRay disk.
Sure, streaming is an option, but I love movies and I want to see and hear it as best as I can, nothing beats a physical disk and nothing beats seeing a new release in my home at the quality that I have invested in my home theater setup.

Why am I even talking about this?

CEO Galen Smith has revealed that Redbox will add a net total of 1,500 new DVD kiosks across the US, and will add more still in 2018.

The company was a bit touch and go the past few years, but seems to have stabilized, to the point where they are expanding.
This makes my little movie heart sing.
Where I think they are going wrong is their marketing message…. They are saying that no one wants disks in the age of internet. Wrong for the above reason which boils down to one word. Quality.