I have been wanting to move all my servers to https for a while, but I just can’t wrap my head around how. I also can’t seem to form up a google search that answers my one and only question….

Do I need to put a (different or same) certificate on each of my servers?
I have the one domain name,, but I run several servers behind that on different port numbers, and they are all different applications. For example, this blog runs on wordpress (Apache I think), the FTP server, I have my aircraft tracking, which I have no idea what it uses for a web server, I have groov on Jetty (on the same Windows PC as the aircraft server, so that will get interesting), I have Node-RED, no idea what web server it uses, I have another groov site, also on Jetty on Linaro, Terry’s groov on Linaro, and I have my VPN.

What I wish is that I could put a single certificate (no idea yet how or who I am going to get it from) on the ‘front’ of the router and have it as a single point of entry for all those other ports.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or ‘how tos’ on this one.