Solar Shade

While we are talking about solar… I think Gary should cover most of his property with solar, it sounds like there is no downside from doing this…

Solar panels could increase productivity on pastures that are not irrigated and even water-stressed, a new study finds. The new study published in PLOS One by researchers at Oregon State College finds that grasses and plants flourish in the shade underneath solar panels because of a significant change in moisture. The results bolster the argument for agrovoltaics, the concept of using the same area of land for solar arrays and farming. The idea is to grow food and produce clean energy at the same time.

It’s well worth a read (and it’s a quick read). In a nutshell, the shade produced really helps keep moisture in the soil and so things grow better.
It’s making me think of my setup at home, perhaps I should build a structure over my wildflower garden and put the panels on top. They would get more sun than on the roof like they currently are (less shadows)… hmmmm