Weeknotes 2

* Aussie Movies.
Don’t get enough of them over here. I mean, you probably can really dig in and search them out, but they don’t pop into our Roku streaming box all that often.
This past week, one did. Penguin Bloom. It was awsome. Really well shot. North coast just up from Sydney, great cast. Just good Aussie stuff.

* Geostationary satellites.
Whom ever named these suckers is probably closely related to the guy that made the analogy that electricity is like water.
I cant even come close to wrapping my head around the math, and I am not sure I really need to, but I do need to figure out a friendly (aka Node-RED) way to program stuff to track them.

Red is elevation, up and down. I am currently moving the dish in this axis with a linear actuator.
Green is the problem child. This is azimuth. Side to side.
My mate in Australia is more centered under the satellite so is not bothered so much with this axis. I am more offset so need to chase it.

Got a 24 inch lazy Susan bearing.

Going to jam it between two bits of wood and sit the dish on it.

Then I have to figure out how to make it track this….

Note the drift over 10 days in azimuth. Bleh.

* L-Band
Got a new patch antenna from SDR-Blog.
Its not great on marginal satellites. I am trying to get consistent data from 54w.
I’m right on the edge of its coverage so am being a bit cheeky getting data from it, but when it comes to aircraft data from satellites, I want it all.
Ran the new antenna on the ground for a few days. As I said, unimpressed, so I put it on the roof on Sunday.

At this point I have nothing to lose (Other than the ability to tweak its pointing easily).

* Dead rat.
Found (and removed) a very dead rat under the fake rock that houses the seismograph.

It stank.
They come and steal food from the bird feeders. We love the birds, so just have to put up with the odd rat.
I’m tempted to get an air gun and take care of them like that, but we just end up feeding them till they get fat and old and get stuck in places they cant get out of. Bleh.