Weeknotes 3

  • Cant or wont follow instructions.

    I have a user adjustable search function on my site, you need to put a semicolon between search words and at the end.
    I have clear instructions stating as much. (Or so I think).
    Its astonishing just how many people don’t read or follow them.
    I wonder how many people leave the site disappointed because they don’t find what they want or they think the site is broken just because they cant be bothered to read?
    I am finding that a lot of late, people just can’t be bothered to read or try. If the answer does not fall into their brains with zero effort, then they just move on and remain clueless (or convinced they are right).
    All of which leads me to….

  • Meet don’t Google. aka, do it for me.

    This has been a week from horror land.
    I have had this experience more and more the past many years, but this week it came to a crescendo.
    People just cant (wont?) solve problems on their own…. aka, figure stuff out. They want others to do it for them. The old saying, they want the fish, they don’t want to learn how to fish.
    Case in point…..
    Installing a Linux package from the command line.
    sudo apt-get install openssl results in package not found.
    The solution? Type out 4 email addresses, open Google calendar, make a meeting. Send email. (Only give vague information about the meeting in the email)
    Scheduling conflict, re do the meeting, send email.
    Scheduling conflict, re do the meeting, send email.
    4 people now on the meeting.
    I suggest did you try sudo apt-cache search openssl?
    It returns openssl-dev as the package name… that seems to install correctly.
    We good now? Sweet.

    If this had been a one off, I would have just shook my head and moved on, but I have had a week of it from several directions.
    Just cant put my finger on it, but as soon as the going gets rough, the people just give up.

  • Twitter.
    Getting more and more into it.
    Found a really cool dashboard for it called TwitGrid.
    Just had to muck about a little and built one of my own. Looks best on a wide screen computer monitor.
    You can make your own by using that template and just changing the Twitter usernames.
  • Radiosonde.
    I bought one off eBay.
    Been wanting one for long time, but did not really have a reason to spend the 20 bucks to buy one.
    Some guy in Las Vegas had the exact model I wanted so I pulled the trigger.

    I brought it just to hack off that beautiful L-Band helix to test on aircraft tracking data from Inmarsat 98w.
    Will report back how it goes.
  • Dual axis satellite dish tracking.
    Big day Sunday.
    Lots more to come on this one, but here is the photo album.
    Its very much a work in progress. Not the least of which is learning more about the TLE aka how satellite orbits are described mathematically.