Weeknotes 6

  • Rehashed home computer monitors
  • No photos of this one, email me if you want to see it.
    But in short, it was bugging me that I could not see much of the aircraft messages (16:9 landscape monitor) and I could not see the two maps showing the aircraft positions at the same time.
    So now I finally have a vertical monitor at home (I run two verticals at work) and I have two upper monitors that show a map each.
    Yeah, I now have 7 monitors. I’m Ok with that.

  • Stunnle experiment is over
  • Back in January I put in Stunnle to try and put https on some http webservers (VRS and Node-RED) that I was running.
    You can read about it here: https://thebaldgeek.net/index.php/2021/01/17/adding-ssl-https-to-vrs-and-node-red/
    The problem is that Stunnle swallows the incoming connection. I have lost all visibility to incoming connections.
    I have no idea of who is connecting or what data they are using. I don’t like running blind.
    So yeah, my aircraft tracking website URL’s are all different. It’s a small price to pay.

  • Pizza pan helix
  • I have finalized the build for the 7 turn helix that I am building in volume for L-Band (~1.5GHz) AERO data.

    Founds some 8 inch stainless steel pizza pans on Amazon, so that’s the reflector/base and the rest you know about.
    Terry is printing more frameworks for me and I have copper for 7 in total.
    Pretty sure they are all ‘sold’ and I will need to print more.