Weeknotes 7

  • Github is not for Node-RED users.
  • The whole point of Node-RED is that it is low code / no code.
    How then are low/no coders supposed to use github?
    It is the most unfriendly unintuitive unapproachable platform I have ever come across.
    I knew it was not for me when I found myself at 4:30am looking at my third stackoverflow page on how to place an image on a github readme.md
    Why am I even bleeting like this? Because I just want somewhere to share and collaborate with others my Node-RED flows around the topic of aircraft spotting/tracking.
    I have tried here in the blog (ie, WordPress), its horrible, I have thought about YouTube, but I hate learning by video and figure others are the same (also, you cant share code), I thought about starting a forum, but things get lost even with site search, thought about a groups.io, but don’t want it gated (ie, you have to join the group to see the posts), medium is a dumpster fire for comments…. I really don’t know where to host and share this stuff.
    There seems to be a big gap in providing a community / platform for us low/no coders to share and collaborate.

  • Automatic TLE updates
  • After a tweak to the code by the author, we finally have Node-RED automatically getting and using fresh TLE data from celestrak.com every 24 hours.
    This is a really really big deal and I’d love to share my code, but github is broken.
    We used it in the past week to track the dead rocket re-entry.
    I have also started to put together some Node-RED flows to get us to the point of having an antenna rotator built about the new TLE data.

  • Dish Tracking.
  • Was up at 3am again on the weekend doing what I hope is the last orbit adjustment.
    I think I had my negative numbers the wrong way around in the range node.
    The past 24 hours have been much more even data rates than the past few months. Nothing I can do for a few more days than simply leave it alone and watch from a distance.