Weeknotes 20

  • Programmers
  • I have nothing against them. I mean, without them I would probably not have a job.
    I actually like the way they think and get stuff done.
    They just have this habit of assuming that everyone knows what they do.
    Sunday 2 weeks ago, I was working with one from Germany and he was helping me with some Node-RED code, ie, he was putting it in the chat and I was blindly pasting it in my flows and it threw an error.
    I had no idea of what the error said, it was mumbo jumbo and he was like, ‘just fix it’… I, um, hesitated, and he said ‘Can’t you see it?’
    That’s the thing right there. No. I really really cant see it. Like, at all.
    I use Node-RED for a reason, it hides the code in a flow, all bubbles and they just move data from left to right, top to bottom.
    What he was giving me was Egyptian hieroglyphs, it was not just another language it was an unknown language.
    Fast forward two weeks and out of the blue comes the software I have been dreaming of for years. I won’t go into it, but its satellite decoding software for aircraft messages.
    I’m on the guys GitHub page and cant for the life of me see how to download it or build it.
    Turns out, on GitHub, some of the text is actually clickable. Its the same black/white text as everywhere on the page, but some of it you can click on, some you cant.
    I felt like a total dolt asking him via an ‘issue’…. They just assume you know how to use the tools they use.
    Anyway, Love them, but yeah.
    (I am writing human instructions for the software as fast as I can).