Weeknotes 21

  • Old NUC’s
  • I have two 2014ish Intel NUCs (Next Unit Computing), its a small Intel ‘desktop’.
    The thing is about the size of your open hand. Low power, but enough computing power to get the job done.
    The ones I currently have are headless, no mouse, keyboard or monitor. Perfect for months on end of unattended satellite data decoding.
    In a vain effort to reduce my power bill, I want to swap out some of the older/bigger more power hungry computers for NUCs.
    Seems like a good idea right?
    New ones are i7 and super expensive.
    Old ones on eBay run at around 120 bucks.
    Too good to be true right?
    They come without an OS, so no Windows or Linux… What up with that?
    Pretty simple really, they don’t have a hard drive. Some of the super cheap ones don’t even have RAM sticks.
    I got one ‘tested good’, RAM, but no SSD.
    How hard can it be?
    Turns out… super hard. Like major hard.
    Even phoned a friend. Gary has been super helpful and pointed me in the all the right directions, but I just cant get the NUC to see the SSD I plug in.
    I feel confident that it works, and its just the drives I am putting in are too new.
    Thing is, at this point, I have spent the cost of the computer of SSDs off Amazon and none of them work.
    (I can use them as USB sticks with an adapter – so, eh).