Only two wrong.

April 15th, 2008
Went down to the DMV to get my driving permit today ….its pretty much the same permit as the learners in Aust. You have to fill in a form and then wait around a bit, then you go and get your photo taken, I look like a total crim, then into a special little room to take the test.
36 questions and you are allowed to get 6 wrong. Freddy got 5 wrong and I got 2 wrong. Its not so much the questions that are hard, its the way they are worded. I don’t think its an American thing, its more…..well, I would have to guess that its just a government thing.
All up, from walking in to walking out, it took an hour.

Anyway, point is, Freddy has her driving test on the 9th and I am on the 13th of May, so about a month for us. We are both a little nervous, but Im sure that after another month of driving here we will have settled down a lot. The main thing in the test is to watch your speed and check your mirrors a lot.

Gary wrote me a nice email saying how much he is enjoying the bike, it was good to hear how its gone to a good home. I miss it. I think I miss the roads as much as the bike at the moment, there is a lot of traffic here and I have not had time to get out on the back roads here to see what they are like…..not that driving them is going to be as fun or therapeutic as riding the wing on them…. The one plus this place has going for it (that I am yet to enjoy) is that it has mountains. I should be able, once I get to know the roads, be able to get up to the snow in about an hour…… I cant wait to get at 6000 feet in spring and autumn at night and see some stars…. there might be a few things to take photos of even (I just love mountains and views, snow is a triple bonus).

Just to be clear, I am still yet to find anything close to a drinkable port here…..the three bottles we have bought and tried are slowly going down the hatch mixed with lemonade (sprite for the Americans reading this).
(That last paragraph is NOT an excuse for anyone (especially  Gary) to rub in how good the port is in Australia).

Lastly, Toms trip to Jordon has been delayed, its next week now. I still am taking a few calls just the same, spent about 40 minutes with one guy today, a Canadian no less, a Canadian lumberjack even (truly, I am not making this stuff up!!!!…….) Anyway, hes got this machine that builds stud walls, wants to automate it, currently it uses Opto SSR’s (solid state relays) to switch a lot of the motors, but he wants to use Opto PAC controllers to automate it….. pretty interesting project, the press can drive 8×4 inch nails in one hit…..ouch!