Recording studio

I spent yesterday morning in Opto 22’s recording studio.
I was being interviewed by Gary Mintchell. He is the editor in chief of the trade magazine Automation World.
It was interesting for a few reasons, firstly, I discovered that it is a totally different experience standing up talking to a group of people or some one on the phone about something than it is to be interviewed (I suspect the same applies for any interview, be it just audio or on camera (but I suspect it would be harder on camera)).
I was just too focused, I had all these things I knew I ‘had’ to say, and I could not get it clear in my head how to get it all to just flow. Its not like getting a call and solving a problem. That’s what I am used to doing. I hope that with some heavy editing we can get the footage we need.
Secondly, it was really odd being on the other side of the camera.

Here is a photo of the set up.

One camera is on the left, the other is behind where this photo was taken from.
I still think its pretty cool that an automation company has its own recording studio.
I was using it last week to record the audio of a screen cast for a hints and tips session on our graphics package.
In the end, I had to script that one to get it even close to ‘right’. Even though I have given the exact same presentation many times to the group as they come through each month (three times next month!!!!).
Anyway, I guess its all a matter of experience……. I didn’t  have any, but am getting it quick!