Shots and blood.

We had our medical’s today. So that means Freddy and I had our shots (note to parents, keep track of your kids immunization records. Because Freddy and I did not have any records, we had to have all our shots, Amy and Terry did not have to have any because Freddy has kept all their records from year zero. Also, if your kid catches anything, like chicken pox, get a dr’s certificate to say such. It can really help latter in life. I mean, when I was 4 years old and covered in spots, who would have thought I would need proof some 40 years latter).
We also had to give three vials of blood. Amy and I had trouble with the first vein, so we both have two sore arms. Freddy did not have a problem giving up the red stuff and so only has one spot to show for it.
The Dr’s we chose (there were only two in all of NSW that can do the medical – go figure) were just fantastic. Really easy to deal with and knew their stuff. That really helped take some of the stress out of the process.
So, now we wait. It takes about 10 days to get the results, but because Australia pretty much shuts down the week before xmas and a week after new years, we do not get the results until the 11th of Jan. That’s the sole reason we had to come out when we did. (Americans, remember, its summer here, so its our main break for school and work).

Only the one photo from the past two days….. We have just been resting……(The past few weeks have been pretty out there for us all).
There is a park at the end of the road where the motel is, Freddy and I walked down to get some fresh air. When Freddy saw this tree, for some reason she thought of Zim……

dreadlock tree - large
Its hard to see on this small picture, click on it to embiggen, but the tree has dreadlocks. Exactly why it reminds Freddy of Zim? (I’m quoting here, so don’t shoot the messenger), ‘Because its wacky and weird’.

We hit the road tomorrow to start heading south to see our families and friends.